Subject: Not so many people use a bicycle although it has many benefits. Why? How to encourage people to use bicycle as the main transport?

As society develops, new types of vehicles are invented to satisfy our need for transportation. That led to the underuse of bicycles despite their convenience and eco-friendly feature. This essay will discuss the reasons that led to the low usage of bicycles and the solution to this phenomenon.

The main reason why the bicycle is not widely used by people is that it isn't as fast as other popular types of transportation. Nowadays, the rules at schools and workplaces are very strict, not arriving on time would undoubtedly result in a punishment. Therefore, to arrive on time, the optimum solution for most citizens would be choosing cars or motorbikes instead of bicycles.For instance, if your workplace is 15 kilometers away from our accommodation, it is obvious that you would prefer to travel by motorbike to traveling by bicycle.

Another reason for this circumstance is that riding a bicycle use up too much of your energy compared to using other means of transportation. The fact that riding a bicycle burns plenty of calories may be adored by athletes, but those people are only a drop in the ocean. The majority of dwellers aren't athletes, hence they would surely pick motorbikes or cars over bicycles. For example, if you have a really busy day filled with schedules, you have to move from place to place to attend meetings and you could save some energy by traveling by car or motorbike instead of riding a bicycle, would you do it? I'm confident that most people will.

There are several solutions that could be brought about to improve the usage of bicycles. One solution is that we should spread the words of the fact that bicycles are very eco-friendly and we could save the earth by riding them daily. Another solution is that we make people realize riding bicycles would help us keep fit and reduce the chances of getting severe diseases.

In conclusion, this essay has pointed out the main reasons why bicycles arent widely used despite its benefits and has given some possible solutions to this problem. It is recommended that the government should involve in this problem to reduce environmental pollution.

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