Hello everybody,

I've written a graph about wheat exports in 1985-1990. I need someone to check whether it has any mistakes or not. Please help me, I am prepare for task 1.

The line graph compares three countries in terms of their wheat transporting abroad between the year 1985 and 1990.

Overall, it is clear that there were significant changes in the amount of wheat exported by all three countries. Australia saw wheat exportation fall over the 5-year period, while Canadian market fluctuated considerably, and an increase shown in European Community.

In 1985, Canada exported wheat nearly 20 million of tonnes, while European Community and Australia exported 17 million of tonnes and 15 million of tonnes of what material respectively. Over the following 3 years, Canadian market reached a peak at 25 million of tonnes of wheat exportation, in contrast to European Community and Australian market, which had its wheat exports fell by approximately 2 million of tonnes.

By 1988, after reaching its highest level, the amount of wheat transport in Canadian market decreased sharply by over 11 million of tonnes. Subsequenly, the figure for this market quickly rose back to 5 million of tonnes, together with the increase of European Community, but the decrease in wheat exporting of Australian market continued. In 1990, the number of wheat exports in European Community pass 20 million of tonnes, followed by Canada with around 19 million of tonnes, while the figure for Australian market only at just over 10 million of tonnes.

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