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As a non-native English speaker, I wish that you guys proofread parts of my resume before I send it to potential employers.

Any glaring omissions, mistakes? Are prepositions right?

This will save my life...

Transferable skills

Completed a thesis on the memorial policies of historians in contemporary Germany. A jury recognized this applicant as an expert on the subject of national memorial policies and in the achievement of a research of international scope. Organized and supported international conferences on various themes related to my Master’s. Taught French Second Language (FSL) in Warsaw, Poland. Received the “B.R.A.V.O.” skills training in communication, sales technique and customer service (Future Shop). Effective negotiator and communicator at all levels.


Masters in History

· L’histoire exutoire: Ernst Nolte ou la recherche d’une mémoire apaisée
(History as an outlet: Ernst Nolte or the search for an appeased memory)

(Masters Thesis: three grades of excellence A+; placement on

the Dean of Graduates students Honors List, 2004-2005)

Specific skills

· Motivated leader who does shy away from difficult challenges.

· The international dimension of the researches and work experiences accomplished warrants the open-mindedness necessary to the realization of projects increasingly international in scope.

· Teaching is a natural vocation to this applicant: the communicational, didactic and pedagogical aptitudes have been widely recognized by various employers and students.

· Excellent across-the-board motivational speaker.

· Excellent ability to locate and extract relevant information in archive centers.

· Professional and independent in the approach as well as in the realization of projects: the employer can rely on the employee.

· Use a wide spectrum of software to plan, research and present the results obtained.

· More specifically, I have a long-standing experience with the Microsoft Office suite (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access et FrontPage) and FileMaker Pro.

· Linguistic skills: French, English, advanced German and elementary polish.
Work experience

Teacher Français langue seconde (FLS)

· Gave lessons in business and government institutions.

· Designed and implemented lesson plans according to the specific linguistic capabilities of students.

· Proposed topics for discussion based on the students’ interests. Teacher Français langue seconde (FLE) Academia de la Lengua (Warsaw, Poland) 2004-2005

· Designed and implemented lesson plans according to the specific linguistic capabilities of students.

· Introduced debate sessions intended to promote communication skills in the target language.

· Organized and presided over the “French Week” held each Saturday.

Person in charge of the Internet

Website of the Chaire du Canada en histoire

comparée de la mémoire

· Revised the Internet website (graphic interface) in order to make it more accessible and convenient.

· Administered, gathered and indexed the academic production of the research chair on the Internet website.

· Promoted the visibility of the Internet website within the domain of research “memory and history”.
Research assistant

on African memory

· Supported the Chaire du Canada en histoire comparée de la mémoire’ project presented at the “rendez-vous de l’Histoire” in Blois, France.

· Indexed, interpreted and categorized the iconographic production drawn from a wide study held in Congo.

· Organized the segment “Heroes in African memory”.

Person in charge of the

archival inventory of the

Chaire du Canada en histoire comparée

de la mémoire

· Developed and administered an index system tailored for the research chair.

· Indexed the documentary center of the Chaire du Canada en histoire comparée
de la mémoire.

· Supervised the activities of the research chair library.

Associate salesman Future Shop

Conferences and publications

Article published Poznan : actes du colloque international

Poznan, Poland, January 2005

· Le débat Nolte-Furet: les méandres d`une interprétation historico-génétique.
(The Nolte-Furet debate: the meanders of a historico-genetic interpretation)

(Debata Noltego z Furetem: zawiłości interpretacji historyczno-genetycznej)

Guest Lecturer Uniwersytet im. Adama Mickiewicza w Poznaniu

(University Adam Mickiewicz in Poznan)

Poznan, Poland, June 21-27, 2004

· Presented a lecture entitled “The debate between Ernst Nolte and François Furet”.

Guest Lecturer Freie Universität Berlin

(Free University of Berlin)

Berlin, Germany, October 5-8, 2003

· Presented a lecture entitled “Memory, responsibility and future in Germany, yesterday and today”. (Erinnerung, Verantwortung und Zukunft in Deutschland, Gestern und Heute)

· Support the organization of the seminar through suggested topics of research.

Organizer Université Laval

and Guest Lecturer Québec, November 11-15, 2002

· Presented a lecture entitled “German memory: what challenges?

· Initiated and directed a debate between the participants on the issue of memory in contemporary German identity.

· Organized and conducted the section “History” of the “German week”.

Articles published

· Several articles published through the course of my university career in the History Department newspaper.

Reference Letters

Available upon request

All input will be greatly appreciated...

Please, this is important stuff. Just a quick look, guys.
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Hi Jwayne,

Not to be rude at all but do you expect forum users to act as your unpaid editors? An important document such as a curriculum vitae should definitely be proofread by a qualified person, and I personally would be ready to pay for it. I'm sure you can find a proofreader in your town who'll be more than pleased to amend your CV for a fee.