Could you please tell me whether could you please is proper usage of English? Some say that Could cannot be followed by please as Could itself is very polite. Thanks
I don't think there isn't a written rule about that, but it makes sense.
This is an interesting question as I personally wouldn't recommend the phrase:

Could you please ...... example (open the door)

Try to use please at the end or beginning of a sentence as when placed in the middle of a sentence can sound a little too direct.

Therfore I would recommend:

Could you open the door please?
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I wouldn't really use the word "could" and "please" in the same sentence; unless, I feel like I am asking for a huge favor and I have to somehow demean myself.
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What about would you please? Is it the same?
When making a request I believe it is only courteous to use please at the end of a sentence.
What about: Would you please open the door?
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Try saying:

Would you please open the door? and

Would you open the door please?

Now tell me which one sounds better.

It's all about intonation. Believe me, it isn't easy making the first example not sound like an order!
It is an order. I was thinking of some examples taken from a book you strongly recommended and I don't think I should use. By the way I managed to finish it.
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