In this day and age, reading is generally believed to be one of the indispensable skills that most students should own; thus, this proposal is submitted for permission to establish a reading club in the Faculty English Language Teacher Education (FELTE) to stimulate students to devote a great amount of times to reading.

1. Reading Education
Through our investigation, a large number of students find it extremely difficult to concentrate on reading whenever they start this activity. Particularly, it seems that individuals are regularly distracted by smart devices such as notifications from social networking sites, television, and so on. Therefore, it would be worthwhile to form reading facilities.
2. Practical steps
Along with opening a reading club, it would be a good idea if we construct a private and undisturbed room called Homies, in which people are bound not to bring any smart devices along. This way, all members are more likely to immerse themselves in their world without any interruption. Moreover, since some people barely have time to commute to Homies, I propose we should establish an effecitve application that could allow people access to a variety of books and stories.

1. The current situation
When questioned, although most of the students explicitly acknowledge the significance of routine reading, they are still in the habit of scrolling aimlessly on the Internet for hours as they believe that reading could possibly not intriguing enough for them to follow. Hence, should we organize miscellaneous activities with attractive rewards weekly, it could probably stimulate members’ curiosity and amenities to participate in.
2. Practical steps
I strongly recommend that we should open a book discussion with creative and practical games such as a wordle book quiz, speed booking, and book mood boards. Not only could engaging in these activities keep the atmosphere ebullient but it also reminds each individual of what they have been learning. Another possibility would be to open the Book Festival annual so that all of the members could socialize with new peers and broaden their horizons regarding reading skills.

I would be highly appreciated if we could be provided with a learning room so that we could decorate and change it into our reading club place. We would be immensely grateful if we could get a loan for reading materials for this club. I am utterly content that the long-term benefits to our faculty students would quickly offset the expenditure involved.

I feel certain that the course of action proposed above will grant students diverse opportunities to engage more with reading skills, as well as boost the exposure to numerous different kinds of books. I hope that the plan outlined in this proposal receives your serious consideration.

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