hi everyone here, have a nice sunday, yesterday , i posted an essay with the subject : please , check my essay and know more about Viet Nam .But actually , i wasn't satisfied with it .Then I spent a night to write one more essay which i like more .I think because it describes my real feeling i have ever got .

My topic is :tell one person who has influenced on yourself . Once again , i don't know what the title will be , can you please suggest some attractive titles for me ?
Here is the essay :

" Sorry if I get on the wrong side of you but I have to tell you that you look as ugly as sin . " That's what my friends usually confide to me . " Really ? No problem . I'm very proud of that " And that' s what I usually reply funnily . The reason of my strange answer is actually very simple . My family often praise " You are the sole grandson looking as ugly as your grandmother. Being the only grandson who has the same feature with my grandmom is really a great happiness. In fact , I don't know how ugly my grandmom is because she didn't take any photographs when she was young . For the time being , all I see from her is the shriveled face but ruddy and a radiant smile usually brightens my soul everytime she laughs.

My grand mother gave birth to 10 children , my father is the 4th ( long time ago , they didn't limit the number of children one family could have).Nowadays , to complete a year , she stays with the oldest son in 2 months and with the rest,each one in 1 month .This week,my grandmom has moved to our house.Only when she stays with me , can I take care of her as her beloved grandson." Good morning grandma !"-I shout when going downstairs like usual.But she can't hear,she is nearly deaf .The second time I repeat,she happily urges : " You have woken up , son! Have breakfast right now or it will become your lunch . " And a fresh day begins ...

I completely admire my grandmom for many reasons . Firstly because she had a wonderful health . It is told that while being pregnant , in the morning , she was made to carry 6 pigs to the market for sale . Thus , 3 pigs had been sold and she had to bring home the rest . Right after that in the afternoon, my father was born . Giving birth and bringing up 10 children is not an easy work especially under the pressure of the strict mother - in - law . I don't know how my grandmom , who has a mild temper, could teach 10 children not to quarrel during 30 years . " Never can people hear of any argument in our family . There is only laugher and consolation ." She shut her eyes tightly and reminisced . Incredible as it is in comparison with my brother and me . But time proves everything . At the present , when my grandmom is 90 , my oldest uncle is nearly 70, all of my aunts and uncles still express their filial respect tremendously . And the harmonious atmosphere still remains in our big family.

My parents usually remind me but for my grandmom's upbringing in 1 year , I couldn't live now .When I was 2 years old , my mother went to Russia to study abroad .Not having enough condition to feed me, my parents had to gave their tiny baby to my grandmom , who was at that time 65 years old . At 16 , some vague but pure memories in my childhood still exist in my remembrance .Although my grand mom doesn't sing well , her lullabies seemed very melodious .Perhaps because they had pictures close to my heart : the rice field , the white tork flying through the rain , the dangling hammock and also Vietnamese austere mothers .My grandmom often went to an ancient pagoda near the house to pray for my health and happiness.Everytime she was absent ,in order not to be alone, I sat at the wooden front gate , watching people driving along the crowded street and waited for a full bag of popcorn when she came back home . How sweet the popcorn was !

Hans Andersen, who wrote lots of stories for children,used to say that every life itself is a valuable fairy tale . So does my grandmother's life story .For many times has my grandmom come to my family,but each time she had a different story about her life to tell . Silently , i sit beside her and listen enthusiastically even when she repeats one sentence third time .Above all ,i sense that my grandmom had undergone a rugged life like many others women contemporary with her .Under any circumstances was she a faithful wife and a mother cherishing her children as much as possible . Her life is actually an enless fairy tale with the happy ending though one day , she draws her last breath .

While I 'm typing this essay,my grandmom is now sitting next to me.She keeps talking elatedly about the day when she took the French invader for a ride by making them eat the internal organs of the chicken.Does she know I'm writting about her?Of course not , because she doesn't know English .Does she know how grateful and admirable I feel for her ? Of course yes , because we are both ugly.

how do you feel ? That's my true story . What do you think of my ending , I have some others solution for my ending . Again , please give me some noticeable titles , thanks a lot for your reading

to MISTER MICAWBER : i make space between the paragraphs just in order not to make pain in your eyes . I know you read so much and it's so tired when reading so many essays without space

to all of my teachers : why don't you reply and judge my story ? I think it deserves to be read . thanks again
It seems that nobody paid attention to my grandmom and my beautiful Viet Nam . I want to add some special details in this essay : in the whole life , my grandmom doesn't know what making up and cosmetic means . Since the death of my grandfather , in the pictures she took , never can i see her smile . I don't know where to add , or should i create other paragraph?

I though that many people replied my essay , but i was wrong. Actually , except the author and the moderator , nobody read the essay
Well maybe you are being a little impatient here blueclown, your essay has not been here very long! And if you look again, you will see that 15 people have read your essay.

Perhaps we are not sure what sort of comments you are after?

Your grandmother sounds like a very remarkable woman.
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Nona The Brit.Perhaps we are not sure what sort of comments you are after?

I don't understand what you mean , can you explain please ? Well i need help about grammar , vocabulary and how I expressed . Can you compare this essay with the first one , pleases? which one do you like ? And I also want an interesting title of both essays . May be I'm not patient because of the deadline . September the 4th . Sorry for that .