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Topic 1: Whether or not you think new technology such as cellphones, computers, and DVDs benefit our society.

With the development of our modernized society, every twenty minutes there comes a new technology. It gives us a lot of opportunities to raise our living standard and to have more convenient communication. Therefore, everyone has become more and more reliable on new technology such as cellphones, computers and DVDs because of its huge benefits.

First of all, new technology has brought to us better entertainment. For instance, people can not only watch movies on TV but in computer and DVD player as well. The scene in which you have to wait in line for hours for a movie ticket is now in the past. In stead, all you need is a computer then enjoy yourself at home watching your most anticipated blockbuster. And hoping for your favorite song to be broadcast on MTV just makes no sense because it will be played repeatedly by CD players. Besides, computer games are also a source of relaxation, which help improve English skills and increase personal creativity. Apparently, without those technology, people will be bored roundly clicking the TV remote.

Secondly, cellphones and computers give more convenient communication. They allow people to contact people who are far away in just a blink. As a result, many profitable contracts are signed without having to meet but with the help of new technology. In addition to this, if it were not for the development of hi-technology, many companies would not widely advertise their products, which might lead to profit loss. Therefore, it is crucial we adapt new technology in our society.

Some argue that using new technology makes people lazier or affect our health. However, I see that its benefits outweigh its disadvantages. By just one click, technology will provide us with a wide range of information. So you do not have to stay for hours in the library searching for your paperterm document. In this information era, new technology is really a time-saving tool that leads to the effectiveness of our work.

To conclude, with the mentioned benefits, the advantages of new technology is undeniable. Despite this fact, people should also learn how to handle to make the best use of it.

Topic 2: Whether or not you think it should be legal to download or share copyrighted material from the Internet.

Today, with the advancement of Internet, many laws have been created to protect private property. However, these laws seem not to fully consider the interest of users. Because they do not mention the high price of copyrighted material and the Internet community trait. From a college student point of view, it should be legal to download or share those things from the Internet.

Firstly, copyrighted things often charge at an unreasonable price for college students to afford. For instance, we know the fact that not all the artists produce good songs. So it is a waste of money to buy a whole CD just for one song you like most. Another example is from the reference book market. The higher grade people arem the more books they have to read. And with the tight pocket money, it is hard to obtain all the needed copyrighted books. The solution is ebook available from Internet. In fact, the copyrighted CD or books price is often 2-3 times higher than the unknown sources. That is to say, we should be allowed to download material from Internet.

Secondly, one of the prominent trait of the Internet community is sharing and being shared. That is why people call it “world-wide-web”. In other words, if you share with the world one useful document, friends worldwide will give you more in return. Therefore, legal sharing and downloading materials permited will help people exchange not only knowledge but culture as well. And the most important thing is you can learn from 2 sources of information: yourself and your friends.

Government often thinks copyrighted materials as a crime because it is illegal and costs the owners lots of money. However, given it a fair look, the matter is not as serious as listed. In fact, many people start buying copyrighted DVDs after watching the movies that are downloaded from Internet. Some countries like even advertise their lifestyle and traditions through dramas from legally downloaded websites.
In conclusion, it makes no sense to put in jail some guys who are said to be found guilty of privacy. Because there are tons of them out there. All things considered lead to a fact that copyrighted materials should be spread lawfully.

Topic 3: The Internet has revolutionized the modern world but is has also created new problems and inequalities. Do you agree?

Today, Internet is said to be one of the most outstanding inventions compared to others recent advanced technology. The Internet is becoming more and more essential in our modern society thanks to its benefits. Besides, it has brought about new changes by the boom in online services and research.

First, many transactions can be done in the Internert. For instance, people now can have their tickets booked online instead of waiting in line for hours as in the past. Moreover, Internet has made shopping one kind of relaxation by offering the products, which are well classified with high quality. So people no longer must walk in a big supermarket but still easily make the best of their selection. In other fields, as people consider Internet a fast and time-saving tool, many business men has become reliable on it for communication and profitable contracts. Clearly, online services has proved to be crucial to the modern world.

Second, online research can provide users with a more effective work. Only by a click-away can you have the information which must take a week to find out. Owing to a wide range of information, users easily make a comparision and draw the best conlusion for the research. Although others believe Internet has caused certain inequalities, I think that idea is partial. Because in the “world-wide-web” everybody is given the same chance and the same source and the smart is the one to take the full advantage of what Internet supplies.

However, Internet also contains some problems. The most popular hazard comes from spammers and hackers who create viruses in order to steal personal data. Furthermore, when people just sit surfing the net for long hours, it migh lead to physical activities lack and other related health problems. But all the minor drawbacks can be solved if users know how to adjust themselves to make the best use of Internet.

In conclusion, with the advancement of Internet such as some kinds of services and activities, it has really revolutionized the world. Each person should find a suitable method to use it effectively.
First and third essay: I suggest you state your position in the first paragraph.
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Today, with the advancement of Internet, many laws have been created to protect private property. However, these laws seem not to fully consider the interest of users. Because They do not mention (wording) the high price of copyrighted material to the Internet community trait. From a college studentu's point of view, it should be legal to download or share those things from the Internet.