My Surprise Trip

My mom told me that we were going somewhere for my 9th birthday I asked her where we were going and she told me it was a surprise. I was exploding with excitement! Right away I went to pack my clothes. As I was in the middle of packing my swimsuit my mom informed me that we would be leaving in 4 weeks. I did not know what to expect when we arrived there. Eventually, the day came and while we were loading our stuff into the car my mom asked me if there were any toys I’d like to pack for on the way there so I would not get bored. I said yes. And so I went back into the house and got my tablet which had all my wifi needing games and non-wifi games. And so I ran outside and put my tablet into the car and closed the door. My mom said that there were a few more things she had to get and for me to stay by the car. And I being the good kid I was doing what I was told and waited. After a while, my mom came back with some knitting supplies and some books. When I asked why my Dad was not coming she said that he had to work and that he could not take the week off because his job required him to be on the job every day except holidays and Sundays

It's a beautiful story, keep going!

I suggest you to reveal the trip's place in the end of your story in order to add exciting and happiness to it.