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I need some help with my PhD application letter, please help me check my grammar mistakes and decorate sentences. It's quite urgent, thank you very much.Emotion: smile

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am a master student studying Distributed Systems at *** University. I would like to apply for the PhD position in *** Univeristy. I planed to pursue my research in the field of distributed systems, especially peer-to-peer networks.

At present, I am involved in my master thesis with the topic”Adaptive Wireless Multimedia Services” at *** Institute. This thesis mainly focuses on the voice over IP quality of service control and adaptation on the client side. My implementation is made on an open source Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) based software phone Minisip. While doing my thesis research, I found that, to some extent, the quality of the end-to-end real-time multimedia streaming can be adjusted automatically on the user side, by switching the Coder-Decoders, according to the feedbacks about network performance, such as packet loss, jitter, and available bandwidth, etc. Meanwhile, I noticed that when network performance suffers drastic degradation, even the feedbacks could be lost, delayed, or transmitted out of order, in this case, the information carried in the feedbacks can not guarantee in time accurate network estimations.

All these questions revealed in my master thesis, as well as my education background in the field of distributed systems inspired me to look into another direction in this research area. To my knowledge, end-to-end real-time multimedia streaming can be extended and conducted in a peer-to-peer manner, where streaming frames can be forwarded through intermediate peers, and Skype is one of the most successful commercial VoIP software phones using peer-to-peer streaming. I deeply know that, from the positive point of view, peer-to-peer networks are more fault resilient, can easily provide content distribution, resource sharing, as well as virtual collaboration, while on the opposite side, some issues, such as security and environment management are exposed due to the inherent distribution feature of this kind of networks. Additionally, when implementing peer-to-peer streaming, more constraints should be taken into account, such as in time frame delivery, and quality of service provisioning and control, etc.

I have carefully read several peer-to-peer streaming related research papers, and their topics range from the solution of the lower layered peer-to-peer network infrastructure to the upper layered security and privacy management, aiming at providing high quality, high security and low network burden real-time multimedia streaming. From these papers, I noticed that there are still a lot of blanks in this research filed waiting to be filled in, rather than this, I also have a great interest to devote myself to some other peer-to-peer network related research fields, and I am fully prepared to give my contribution wholeheartedly to this booming technology, where *** Univerisity, with its world-class reputation, will be a perfect knowledge ground for me to pursue my beloved research career.

I believe, with the combination of my profile and passion for research, I am a strong candidate for the PhD position at *** University. I will be very excited to hear from you. Thank you very much for your consideration.

Yours faithfully,

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