From: Mark Hayes

To: Easton Office Suply Company

Subject: Order

Sent: November 30, 20xx

I put in a large order for office supplies from your company several weeks ago, I received th order yesterday; however, it was not complete. It did not contain the two boxes of manila envelopes that I ordered. Can you please resolve this problem for me?

Thank you.

Mark Hayes

Respond to the email as if you are an employee of the Easton Office Supply Company. In your email, explain TWO problems and make ONE request.

From: Easton Office Supply Company

To: Mark Hayes

Subject: Order

Sent: December 1, 20xx

Dear Mr. Hayes,

I am the manager at Easton Office Supply Company. I sincerely apologize for the missing of two manila envelopes boxes in your recent order. The 30% discount coupon for your next order will be sent via email as our apology. Our system was overloaded at the moment you placed your order. I checked our warehouse immediately after receiving your email but manila envelopes were out of stock currently. They are reported to be available in our stores in the next 2 weeks. Would you like to wait or cancel this order?

Please reply to this email before December 15 as your confirmation.

With regards,

Easton Office Supply Company’s Manager.

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