Read the Email Below

From: Joanne Diaz
To: Harvey’s Cleaners
Subject: Misplaced clothing
Sent: Feb 18, 3:15 P.M

I am writing to complain about my recent cleaning order. I came to pick up my order from your clerk on Friday. I noticed that there were two items missing.

The clerk looked for the missing items but couldn’t find them. He told me to email you about the matter so that you and I could reach some conclusion.

Please let me know how I can get my clothes back or how you will compensate me for them.

Joanne Diaz

Directions: respond to the email as if you are the manager of Harvey’s cleaners. In your email, give ONE reason for the missing and make TWO suggestions for a solution.

Here is my answer:

Dear Joanne Diaz
I am writing to explain to you about the matter that you met.
We ordered the products from the Canadian manufacturer last week. Unfortunately, the shipment is missing, including your two items. And my clerk didn't know about that

So, I have a couple of suggestions for you to solve this problem
Firstly, you should come to our customer service centre to pick up the remaining items next Monday. Because the manufacturer promises to send us fully shipment next Sunday.

Also, If you are too busy to come, we will refund you $15 to your bank account. Plus, we enclosed the coupon for your next order at our store. Hope you enjoy it!

Sorry for any inconvenience we caused you.


Harvey's Cleaners Manager


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