Topic: Look at the graph below and comment on the overview.

The graph below shows US consumers' average annual expenditures on cell phone and residential phone services.

My writing:

The line graph describes the information on the average consumption of two different kinds of phone services in the United States. Overall, it is obvious that Americans consumed residential phone services more than cell phone ones but this trend seem to had reversed.

In 2001, US consumers spent nearly $700 on residential phone services. During the first half of the period, yearly expenditures spending on landlines shrink consistently to about $550. Since 2006, the figure had fallen to just above $400.

Mobile phones, on the other hand, shows a different trend. Starting at $200 in 2001, the number of spending rose to roughly $550 in 2006. Cell phone services had experienced a considerable increase from 2006 to 2007 before reaching a high of almost $850 in 2010.

Clearly, mobile phones had become more popular than landlines.


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