In many cities, there is little control on the design and construction of new houses. Some people think that people can choose to build houses in their own styles instead of building them with the same as the old house style in local areas. Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

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People argue that building a new house should follow the style of its householder whereas some suppose there are several benefits to construct the same houses in the local area. In my opinion, owners need to have a right to decide the design of their house.

On the one hand, it can be an eyesore as if each house has its own style when it comes to architecture. First, if the houses were in a small town or ancient village, they would be able to have historical significance. This means it acts as a tangible cultural heritage. Second, these same houses can attract a lot of tourists by their unique feature, particularly a strong sense of identity. For example, in Finland, it has been many picturesque villages above water which have the same design and construction.

On the other hand, I firmly argue that people should welcome change in their house and this even does not lead to the loss of traditional cultures. Householders should be chosen whether the internal or external design which depends on their own style as long as they can feel comfortable in their own space. This does not mean to contribute to the disappearance of traditional ways of life but helps the owner possess their particular character of the house. Moreover, modern construction materials, which need to build a new house, are more likely to seek than traditional materials, such as wood or natural stone. House maintenance costs therefore would be more affordable than before.

In conclusion, although it can be incompatible with housing surrounding in terms of general architecture, I believe that people should be free in the decision of their own house.

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