Topic: More and more people in developing countries are purchasing cars for the first time.

What problems does this cause?

What are the possible solutions?


Owning a car for the first time is becoming more common in many developing countries, such as Vietnam and Thailand. The main problem this causes is air pollution and the most viable solution is to educate young people about the dangers of having too many cars in cities.

The principal problem associated with having more people buying their first cars is the deterioration of air quality. The more cars a city has, the more emissions like carbon dioxide these cars add to its atmosphere. The result of this is more and more people having respiratory illnesses and diseases, such as lung cancer and asthma, which could put a massive strain on the public healthcare system. For example, a study by MIT found that if the number of cars in a city with more than 2 million residents increased by 5%, the number of people having asthma would increase by 12%.

A long-term solution to this problem is to educate young people about the dangers of having more cars in the city where they live. Children in school could be taught about the detrimental effects that cars have on the environment and people’s health so that the next generation will purchase fewer cars and use public transport instead. Children are also likely to teach their parents about what they learned at school, as a result, adults would also be influenced by this initiative. For instance, school children in Nepal were taught about the consequences of using too many personal vehicles, and now, they have the lowest rates of buying new cars compared to other countries with the same average income.

In conclusion, the trend of buying cars for the first time in some developing nations could lead to air pollution, however, this can be tackled by educating children about the dangers.

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