Some people believe that young people know about international pop and movie stars but know very less about famous people from the history in their own country. Why is this? How can more interest be created in young people to gain more knowledge about their own famous people from history?

There is a growing concern that although adolescents know about international celebrities, they are lacking in the knowledge about historical events in their countries. This essay will offer a couple of reasons to explain why this is occurring and find out solutions to generate more interests in young people to understand more about their own famous people from history.

There is a variety of reasons of this problems. In my opinion, the major explaination of this is the considerable changes of the society currently. First, due to the advent of various kinds of social medias, people are easily to update news constantly. In the 4.0 era, entertainment and art has improved remarkably so as to serve the recreations of people. Therefore, people tent to know about international pop and movie stars is unavoidable. Second, the way teachers teach history at school may make students feel frustrated. For instance, in Vietnam , teachers just make the students learn by heart numerous theories namely events of the wars or the day of birth of famous people who devote all their life to fight and protect the piece in the book and students must recite them. Of course, that is one of the major reason why students detest history and ignore about historical events and people.

There are some suggestions which can gain students’s passions for studying and discovering history. First, the way teachers transfer knowledge to students must be changed and also the curriculum. The schools need to organize museum visits so that students not only can learn in the books but they also can witness historical evidences. Second, teachers should not put pressures on students to recite all complex theories in the books, and make them feel excited when they study history. Third, adolescents should spend time on reading historical documents about their nations and the world. If a citizen of a country do not have basis of the national history, what a shame!

All things considered, young people need to read more about famous people in the past and they need to show their respect and grate to these great people because if these people had not existed in such the past society, we would not enjoy convenient and peaceful life.

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