Topic: Computers can translate all kinds of languages well, we needn't learn more languages in the future.

What is your opinion about this idea?


In this digital era, technology has been applied to all areas of life. One of these is the deployment of computers to translate a language. Due to this fact, some people are convinced that we don’t have to study any other languages but our native ones. I’m completely against this view and will discuss the reason in this essay.
Firstly, computer translation can lead to misunderstanding among people. A word in different contexts has different meanings. Likewise, different words can have the same meaning. But the great majority of translation tools only aim to translate a word in the literal meaning, therefore can lead to inaccuracy. Moreover, language is an ornament of thought. Hence, machine translation can interfere with the comprehensive meaning of the message as it cannot transmit the emotion of the speaker.
Another reason that I think learning foreign languages is necessary is because of the benefits it brings about. Language is an expression of culture, via learning a language, people can also learn the culture associated with it. Furthermore, some research showed that learning foreign languages has a beneficial effect on children’s brain development: those with the ability to speak more than one language tend to have a higher IQ than those who are monolingual. Whereas, over-dependent on computers to interpret will hinder our cognitive skills and ability to solve problems as we don’t have to think too much.
In conclusion, although computers attain the ability to convert a language quickly and efficiently, the benefits of learning foreign languages cannot be disregarded.

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