Topic: Some People Say Now There Is Less Communication Between Family Members Than In The Past


In the contemporary era, some people are convinced that communication between family relations have become less frequent compared to the yesteryears. I personally agree with this statement and attribute this to people's busy lifestyle and social media addiction.

To begin with, people in this fast-paced society tend to lead a hectic lifestyle. Tough competition in the workplaces and desire to earn enough incomes have forced people to take up a stringent working schedule to secure their jobs and make ends meet. As adults devote more of their precious space to fulfil deadlines, limited time is left to interact with the loved ones. Even when they come back home, they are too exhausted after long hours of working to carry out any small talks. This has inevitably led to the declining number of conversations and communication gaps between family members.

Second, the penetration of innovative technology can be regarded as a rationale to the alleviation pattern of family communication. With the ubiquitous internet connection, people are provided with online entertainment and indulge themselves in numerous social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. They constantly glue to their phones, busy with updating status and chatting with virtual friends. Consequently, the time previously spent on discussing personal concerns with family members is now substituted by electronic devices.

In conclusion, the modern lifestyle and social media are prime factors that cause people to decrease their involvement in conversations with parents and siblings.

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