Some people suggest that children do not understand the world of work and schools should make all teenagers spend a short time working as well as studying academic subjects. To what extent do you agree?


Many people argue that students do not have much knowledge about working environment and they should spend short time working beside studying at school . Personally I completely agree with this view . While nobody can deny the importance of academic subjects , I think teenagers should also have working experience .

There are two main reasons why working experiences are vital to students . One reason is that knowledge that they gain from doing practical job will help them live up to the employer’s expectation . Without working regularly students cannot understand what they need to do . Therefore , even if they only do part time job , teenagers are still able to gain some essential skills such as : problem solving , time management , working as a team … Another reason is that students will receive valuable real life experiences . By working on a daily basis , they get to know more about the world outside of school , how to deal with unexpected situations . Not only does it help them further in their work but it also offer students practical proficiencies for their job in the future .

Although students should be encouraged to spend short time working , academic subjects remained a fundamental needs for their education . Only school can provide them a good range of specialized knowledge . By giving lectures to students , teachers can help them increase their academic understanding , develope student’s imagination and creativity , improve their analytical thinking that play a leading role in their future job .

In conclusion , for the reasons that I have mentioned above , I strongly believe that schools ought to give students chances to do their job apart from studying theoretical subjects so as to provide them a more thoroughly education .

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