People think that government should increase the cost of fuel for cars and other vehicles to solve environmental problems. Give your opinion.

It is widely believe that the effective solution to combat environmental problems by government is to raise fuel prices for private transports. While I accept that this could have some effects in short-term, I believe that there are many measures to improve these problems.

On the one hand, rising the cost of fuel like petrol or oil could help address the environmental problems. Firstly, in terms of private cars, when the government increase the fuel costs, it means that commuting costs would rapidly go down. People may take public transport or cycle or carpool to work and study rather than use their private vehicles. As the result, this would help reduce the amount of exhaust fumes produced in the air. Secondly, from the perspective of other vehicles such as truck or haulage services, goods would be delivered by train rather than use by truck. Both these measures lead to less emissions released into the atmosphere and mitigating air pollution.

On the other hand, I believe that the government would have better policies to solve environmenta problems. The main policy is that government should support a part of financial for business’s public transport services because this would decrease bus and train fee for passengers in order to go to work regularly by public transport. Another point that needs to mentioned is that government could reduce pollution by raising people’s environmental awareness about the significance of the protecting the earth.

In conclusion, although rising fuel prices could have benefits the environment, it seems to me that more measures would be more effective in the long term.

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