It has been said that people who read for pleasure have more developed imaginations and better language skills than people who prefer to watch TV. Do you agree or disagree?

These days, reading and watching TV are two of several methods to entertain individuals. While some claim that reading would benefit people’s imaginations and language skills more than watching TV programs, I personally agree with this point of view.

First of all, I believe reading with enjoyment would enhance people’s imagination beyond watching TV shows. Reading is considered an active skill, which is because reading texts will stimulate people’s brains in order to imagineering characters as well as the plot of the story. This would allow them to cultivate their imaginative thinking skills. By contrast, watching TV is seen as a passive skill since individuals could see the image on the TV screen. The character or the environment are all displayed, so people often do not have to use their imagination. In other words, watching TV prevents people imagine things.

Secondly, Reading with enjoyment also helps better language skills more than watching films. A great writer tends to have not only a wide range of vocabulary, but also a thorough understanding of these words; Therefore, by reading their creation, readers could increase their vocabulary. Furthermore, readers could also learn how to use grammar and wordforms in a better way. All of this would eventually enhance their language skills. On the contrary, as the fast-paced speaking style of the actors, viewers may have a hard time to listen, let alone understand and study. For example, in speaking style, especially dialog, actors often use “`cause” as short for the conjunction “because” to increase the fluent of the speech. This may create misunderstanding for English learners since “cause” is known as a noun. If misunderstanding occurs, it will not help learners’ language skills.

In conclusion, I believe that readers reading with pleasure will improve their imaginations and language skills faster than people who enjoy watching TV.

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