TOPIC: Nowadays, people spend more and more time away from their families. Why? What effects will it have on themselves and their family

There is a school of thought that people these days do not have time gathering with their families. A variety of possible reasons is attributed for this tendency and this trend has led to both positive and negative repercussions.

As people, especially workers and students, are becoming more and more away from their homes, several related reasons could be elaborated. One of the primary culprits is the demand for finance since money holds a vital position due to the high cost of living in the modern world. To be precise, since the last century, costs for expenditures, hospitality and recreation have seen an upward trend, up to ten times, so people have to labour extra hours in their workplaces to make ends meet. Another reason is the desire for career prospects leading to a huge number of blue- collar workers and students in the countryside moving to big cities in order to seek well-paid jobs and prestigious universities.

As a result, this situation has both dark and bright impacts on these people and their families as well. On the one hand, working harder is synonymous with a chance to gain more money and they could share financial burden with their parents. Moreover, their children could be provided with a better educational environment based on the ability to pay for high quality schools and institutes. For example, kids who are in a low-class kindergarten could not have opportunities to be exposed to diversity lessons, namely foreign languages classes as the higher ones. On the other hand, as people are steadily losing their interaction with their families, the relationship between them would also be loosened. To be more specific, members who rarely spend time with their family have more aggressive conflicts since they do not have a mutual understanding of each other.

In conclusion, it is evident that there are some certain reasons for the situation of being apart from family and this has two- edged effects on individuals and their families.

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