Many people are now spending more and more time traveling to work or school, some people believe that this has negative development while others think there are some benefits.

Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Many people are currently spending a large amount of their time commuting to work or school. Some people argue that this is a negative trend, while others disagree and think it will lead to some advantages for commuters. I believe that this development will generate many drawbacks, and I will further elaborate on both sides in this essay.

On the one hand, there are certain benefits in terms of spending more time commuting. First, people will have time to relax and recharge their energy before going to work, especially traveling by public transports such as buses or subways. In addition, people can make use of their time on the way to work or go to school by completing all their tasks that they did not have enough time to get done yesterday. Some people find buses are also the ideal places for them to read books or plan schedules for the day ahead.

On the other hand, spending extra time traveling to work in the long term will harm the health of commuters. In fact, people having their home far from schools or companies often spend large amounts of time commuting; therefore, they need to wake up early and come home late. As a consequence, people just have a little time to relax, and such repetitive actions every single day can detrimentally influence people’s health, such as disrupting our sleep patterns, making people tired, and influencing the immune system. Some people may argue that travel time can be made use of for personal purposes including time to relax or get their work done before going to work. However, traffic jams coupled with air pollution will make the experience become less comfortable and lead to a variety of serious health issues. For example, commuters traveling to work or school in large amounts of time will easily face some respiratory problems such as asthma or bronchitis. In addition, using public transports instead can worsen the situation because people will often find it hard to look for their seats during peak hours, to say nothing of reading books or listening to music. Eventually, this will make commuters have unpleasant experiences and easily can be prone to high levels of stress or even suffer from mental and physical exhaustion.

In conclusion, despite some certain advantages, I believe that this is a negative development, people should not spend much of their time traveling to work because it has adverse implications on people's health.

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