Topic: In recent years sports stars have become increasingly famous and wealthy. Will this have
more positive or negative impacts?

Sports are considered as a popularly entertaining platform in modern life. As a result, the number of renowned and propertied athletes increases significantly. I believe that there are more weak points than the strong point for the several following reasons.
On the one hand, prominent sports players are more likely to motivate people to participate in physical activities. This contributes to enhancing citizen's health and restrict a sedentary lifestyle. Furthermore, through featuring the fame and richness of sports stars in some international advertisements, the image of the country can be promoted functionally. Additionally, the people who are immersed in sports, inclined to spend a great deal of money to sell tickets to attend sports star performances. Therefore, the government can impose a tax on them. It is a crucial method to mount a national' budget.
On the other hand, when being famous, athletes can be under pressure to gain more achievements. To be specific, a wide range of footballers often possess a myriad of pressure from scoring and they have a tendency to utilize stimulants as a temporary remedy. Moreover, when sports stars become well-known, their private life can be affected and they may feel tiresome or uncomfortable.
Besides, the athletes who aplenty tempt to earn money from the celebration, they are expected to only relish luxurious life, not spending ample time to improve professionalism and passion. If the players become unwell-known immediately, this can cause a great shock and exhaustion for all loyal fans.
To conclude, albeit the reputation and the richness of sports stars have optimistic influences on society or economics namely inspiring movement habits for residents and one of the productive ways to develop national treasury, they also have many pessimistic sides likely generating more stress for athletes or the drain in professional efficiency.

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