Topic: In many countries, traditional food are being replaced by international fast foods. This is having negative effects on both families and societies. To what extent do you agree or disagree.

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Many people are struggling to keep pace with fast - paced development to raise their families and achieve their dreams. Thus, the convenience of fast food emerging from many franchise around the world is becoming increasingly be alternated in a multitude of countries. This trend seems bring many severe consequences that impact negatively people’s daily routine as well as societies progressing.

First, it is common to see images of people eating junk food, drinking soft drink as daily meals option. This is because they might seem that they did not have sufficient time to home cooking or they even were just too tired after a hard-working day to prepare a traditional meal. With high calorie and high-fat that we take from junk food would lead them to suffer an enormous of illness such as diabetes, obesity,... which in turns affects cpeople’s health statement and work proficiency of societies.

A second point is that it is true that spending time with families to have meaningful and memorable moments are being increasingly alternated by the quick and convenient service of franchises buying the less nutrient, high calories food. Fifteen or twenty years ago, being together in any meal is considered as an element that evaluate how happy a family is. Now, hardly member families could be together to share joy, sad, or even daily activities with others, leading to humans’s interaction shortage which in turn lower quality family time.

To conclude, international fast food have arose prevalently due to its attribute that do not have too much time to prepare but still seem tasty. However, if we could soon have a big deep understanding about its potential risk, we would strike a balance between traditional food and fast food that can have enough nutrition as well as save the time.

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