Task 2: Consumers are faced with increasing numbers of advertisements from competing companies To what extent do you think consumers are influenced by advertisements? What meures can be taken to protect them?


My essay:

There are more and more advertisements from different companies, which confuse the customers in purchasing several products. In my opinion, there is a negative influence of advertisements on customers, and both individuals and government should share hands to decline the bad spread of advertisments.

The advertisements from competing companies affect badly on how customers buy products. First, the purchasers might be in trouble when finding a suitable brand. A variety of advertisements on the market will create a confussion for the buyers, since they could not find any difference between these products. Secondly, it might be a waste of money if the buyer do not like that uneffective and unused products. Some brands exaggerate their products’ actual benefits to catch more customers’ attention, which might be allusive and beneficial to just their own companies, but the users could waste their time and money to buy and use that products.

Thus, there are a number of measures can be taken to protect the customers’ benefits. First, individuals should become a wiser buyer. They need to seek for the products’ information carefully before purchasing so that they do not regret of buying that product. In particular, going over their website or some review pages to read the information are necessary. Second, the government could play an important role in reducing unrelated advertisements. They should ban some advertisements about the products which are harmful to the citizens. For example, the government could restrict the appearance of cigarettes on televison and social media to decline the increase of people using this unhealthy product.

In conclusion, the customers have to deal with many disadvantages of the advertisements. However, if both the citizens and government find a proper way to reduce the effect of advertisements on the way they choose products, this problem could be eliminated.

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