Given is the line graph concerning the changes in price of 3 different food product groups, namely fresh fruits and vegetables, sugars and sweets, carbonated drinks, and the overall trend in the consumer price index from 1979 to 2009 in the United States.

From an overall perspective, what stands out form the chart is that three mentioned price of food products were similar in general incease, despite fluctuation. Meanwhile, the price of fresh fruits and vegetables was the highest increase amongst factors.

As is illustrated, all the lines on the graph have the same starting figure at approximately 75 dollars in 1979. Over the period of time, the consumer-price index gradually rose by as much as 125$ to 200$ by the year 2009. Similarly, the US saw a dramatically increase in the price of freah fruits and vegetables of 200$ during 30 years.

The price of sugar and sweets was slightly less than that of carbonated drinks during the period of time, while both remained unchanged under 150$.


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