Ex1 .The bar chart below shows the expenditure that people in two different countries spent on consumer goods in 2010.

Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.

Write at least 150 words.

The bar graph above illustrates the expenditure of spenders in two distinct nations on consumer goods in 2010. The monetary value is in pound sterlings. Overall, the UK spent more money on consumer goods than France in the period given. The French spent least money on cameras, while it was perfume in the UK. What is more, the most money of the French and the UK people was spent on cars, whereas the biggest expenditure gap between the two countries was cameras. In terms of cars, people in the UK spent about 450000 pounds , which was 50000 pounds more than the French. Similarly, the British spent approximately 100000 pounds more than people in France.Furthermore, the expenditure on cameras of the UK people was respectively 350000, which was twofold that of France, who only spent around 150000. On the other hand, the French’s expenditure on the remaining goods was depicted to be higher.The figure for computers spending was slightly higher than that of the UK, with the amount of money spent above 350000 pounds. Perfumes was the lowest figure of the UK, as the money spent was just a little bit less than 150000, while the French also only spent about 200000 pounds on it.

Ex2.The bar chart compares consumer spending on six different items in Germany, Italy, France and Britain.

The bar chart given compares the expenditure among the four nations named Italy, Germany,France,Britain on consumer goods. Units are measured in pound sterling. Overall, the British spent the highest amount of money on all types of goods, while Germany had the least expenditure for those products. The British spent the highest amount of money on photographic film , whereas Germany spent the least money which was only a little bit above 140. In terms of tennis racquets,France had the least spending with also a few more than 140, in contrast, Britain still took the first position as they spent almost 160 000 pounds on this product. Furthermore, Italy had the most expenditure on buying toys,which was the same with France. On the other hand, their least spending was personal stereos,which was a little bit lower than the highest figure that belonged to Britain. Meanwhile, CDs and toys are the third and fourth most purchased by the 4 nations.

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