Topic: The chart shows the average class size in six countries and compares it with the world average class size in 2006

My essay:

The bar chart illustrates information about the average class size of primary and secondary schools in six different countries and compared these figures with the world average in 2006.

Overall, the average class size in South Korea, Japan, Mexico, and the UK was higher than that in the world. Moreover, the exception UK and Iceland, the others countries, and the world had a higher average class size of secondary school rather than the figures for primary school.

As can be seen from the bar chart, the average class size of both educated levels in South Korea, Japan, the UK, and Mexico was higher than that of the world which just had nearly 20 in the average class size for both. In particular, South Korea had the highest number, with accounting for 41 in secondary school and 31 in primary school. Regarding Japan, despite having the same figure primary school of South Korea, the number of secondary school was lower than that, with just about 31. The average class size of primary school in the UK and Mexico was the same, at 25%. However, the figures for secondary school had a significant difference, with 24 and 34, respectively.

By contrast, Denmark and Iceland had nearly smaller than world average school classes, at about 18 and between primary school and secondary school size was just difference at 1

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