A number of individuals find it better taking trips to foreign places for holidays, meanwhile some others are pleased with traveling inside their homelands. When I agree that having vacations abroad has its certain merits, the intention of enjoying days off domestically is beneficial in its way and both can be considered good options.There are clearly pros on moving overseas for holidays which can’t be found on staying in home countries. On the one hand, travelers can experience the difference on sightseeings from natural spots to artificial buildings. I believe one of the major causes for traveling is to enjoy the beauty of the surroundings, however, seeing the same typical ones in the native territory would bring people to boredom; therefore, choosing a different country to spend holidays will be the solution. On the other hand, exciting knowledge from approaching various cultures should be another motivation for picking up the choice. For instance, if Vietnamese people who are used to having chopsticks as dining tools move out to Euporean countries in which they use forks and knives instead, that will be a remarkable memory to tell. The law of driving on the left in England is also a stunning imaginary souvenir that can be brought back to the fatherland. However, domestic travels should be encouraged for some following explanations. Firstly, citizens can partly contribute to their local countries' economies by paying for necessary expenses such as: transportation, accomodation, ... and others. Therefore, businesses in tourism industry can allow the income to reinvest in their activities. Secondly, the cost of travelling inside the country is much lower compared to doing so internationally. This reason should be puting under consideration by especially those who do not really great financial conditions. Last but not least, visiting proud and historical places in the home nation can rise each person's patriotism. Tourism can be an effective way to teach the young about the past and the future of a nation. To recap, my firm conviction is that both traveling abroad for holidays or doing that domestically have equal values. People should considering doing them parallel to not miss any of their goods.

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