Dear all,
I'm writing a Motivation Letter for a Master degree and I would really like you to help me, I know this forum is very useful, even with not English native speakers.
Thank you in advance,

Dear Sir or Madam:
I appreciate this opportunity to provide further background information in support of my application for entrance to the Master of Eng. In Automation & IT at the Cologne University of Applied Science for the 2011 winter term.

My name is Lina Marcela Tabares Herrera, and I am living in Colombia at the time. My graduation date in Electronic and Telecommunications Engineering from the Autonoma de Occidente University (Universidad Autonoma de Occidente - Cali, Colombia) is planned for May 7 of 2011. My college studies had duration of 5 years where I learned the fundamentals basis in design, programming, instrumentation, economics, management, control, automation, and finally telecommunications, which were the emphasis of my training.

Although my graduation is still a period ahead, I finished all my subjects last year in the first semester of 2010, with a GPA of 4.2 out of 5 (being 5 the highest grade), my grades allowed me to obtain university scholarships (3 semesters). I also was an active student during my period in college, being a board member of the student committee, president of the student body of my program, which I helped to found, and which helped me being involved in many events and organization. This kind of behavior on my part was not only in the college period, but also in my high school years, earning several honor mentions, and being chosen as the best in my class in my senior year.

My college thesis project "MONITORING SYSTEM FOR MOTOR VEHICLE FOR THE ACS GROUP COMPANY" was an internship in the ACS Group Company. The software developed was to provide a service through which could be obtain information about vehicles in a database. I developed the monitoring software, which involved both, desktop and a web application. The Desktop application was use to communicate a PC, with a GSM modem trough RS-232 serial interface. The web application was developed to obtain data anywhere (through internet), from the vehicles. The communication was: Vehicles-Modem GSM-PC, in both ways, and for that it was used SMS messaging. The web application development included, JSP, struts, hibernate, and MySQL, to obtain system based on the MVC model.

Since I finished my college, I've been working in a family business called BASEP LTDA. dedicated to offer maintenance service in electronic devices and also solutions in automation systems. Working during this last year has been a very important experience for me, because I have learned what it means to be in a workplace, meet with a work schedule, work under pressure, put into practice the theoretical concepts learned throughout my career, put into practice teamwork, and collaborate with others to integrate ideas and develop successful projects.
Another matter I think is important is the use of languages, and every since I was a little girl I liked English, and years later I realized it was a global language, and more than a hobby, it is a necessity today. That's why every day I practiced it, and I can say it's a language I learned on my own, having never attended to a institute of language to learn it. With the above, and the support of my family, now I have the opportunity to study abroad, and Germany seems to me the ideal place, a country with extensive experience in engineering, where in addition to learning about technical knowledge, I can have the opportunity to experience another culture and another language (The German), besides English, and Spanish (my native language).

My main motivation in choosing this Masters program is that combines two major industrial areas, so it suits the current technological changes and therefore is very innovative and interdisciplinary course. With my previous knowledge and experience, I am confident to have the necessary requirements to enter this program.

My goal in obtaining a Masters Degree is to help my family company to go on international levels, and be world leader in its area. This Degree will be very helpful, not only for being a Master Degree, but for being an international recognized program.
I hope this application will receive your favorable consideration and I will be happy to meet you at your convenience and provide additional information you may need. You can reach me by phone on [---------], cell phone (---------) or by e-mail on [-----------].
Expecting a positive response from you, and therefore to have the great opportunity to make my Master's degree in a prestigious university, such as Cologne University of Applied Science.
Thank you for your time and consideration,

Lina Marcela Tabares
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remove the first part dear"I appreciate this opportunity to provide further background information in support of my application for entrance to the Master of Eng. In Automation & IT at the Cologne University of Applied Science for the 2011 winter term." try this
I am writing to express my interest in applying for Masters in ------------------- starting in--------------
I graduated in ----------- from the University of---------------with bachelors in-------------

Can you provide me the PDF of this motivation letter? I am preparing for admission in Masters of Computer science in Information systems.

My email id: Email Removed">Email Removed

Thanks in Advance.

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