Im not sure anybody can help me, and im not sure if this belongs here. Im writing a letter of Sponcership for a visa, I am a U.S citizen and im trying to travle to the U.K to see my partern, I haved lived there with her for 3 months but upon my last viset I was denyed entrey, So now I have to go thru other channels to travle to the U.K, any help how I can improve on this letter, Thanks

ps. The tabs was thrown off cause I copied and pasted it, sorry again




I, __________________________________, residing at _________________________

Name address

________________________________________, being duly sworn, depose and say:

1. I was born on __________________ in __________________________ and

Date city, country

am a citizen of ___________________________________________________.


2. I hold _________________________ passport number ___________________,


This was issued on __________________

3. I wish to invite and guarantee financial support for ______________________


________________, my ___________________________, who was born on


_______________________. He/She now resides at _____________________

Date address

__________________________________________________. I invite him/her

To come to the for the purpose of _________________________________

______________________ And stay for a period of _____________________.

Period of stay

4. I derive income and hold savings as follows:

Income: _____________________ $___________________


Savings on deposit: $___________________

Other: ______________________ $___________________


5. I further state that I am willing and able to receive, maintain and support the person

Named above and will assume complete financial responsibility for him/her, including

Travel and living expenses, and at no time will I permit him/her to become a public charge.

If there is anything anyone see, please let me know, thank you!!
You need to change the him/her stuff to whichever is relevant for your situation. Also, we use £ in the UK not $.
Thank You,

Yes, of course I will change the him/her I didn't know if I had to change those or not, and yes the $ signs, my partner would have to change those due the fact we don’t have the pound on our keyboard

I am curious to the overall layout and functionality of the letter, I have been this looking on this forum and found some writing a letter of invitation as well as a letter sponsorship, so I need to know if what I have is functional for both, or perhaps I also need to add a counter part letter

I would also like to know, my sponsor isn’t to thrilled about writing down her personal finances in this letter, but instead just leaving a number to be contacted at if the custom officer wants to know how much money she has, he would have to call her,.....is that a no, I think it would be but I don’t want to push that due to the fact I don’t want anybody thinking I’m trying to be nosy in there finances

Thanks again Nona, any input would be great !!!!!

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being duly sworn, depose and say: - this part is not appropriate for a letter you are writing yourself. This would be if you were making a sworn statement in front of a lawyer or something.

Can't she write the letter? This is more of a 'form' than a letter, perhaps it would sound more natural if she wrote it and just made sure she included the relevant information.
I just thought that part made it sound more official, here in America would go to a person called a notary, Which you take it or any document to them, and for about 3 $ they put a state seal on it which is equivalent to going to a lawyer, we do this for the purpose of for example if we going to testify in a court or making it a official document, Which I see your point about that part being a bit over done, I just wanted to make it sound good

I’m writing all the letters and then she will print them out and fill them out cause they all have to be signed by here, and she’s not the best writer

So what I have gathered already, your saying its to much like a form? And its ok for it to sound natural?

Let me rewrite it really fast and I’ll post it here in a few to see if it looks better, like I said I just want it to look good,….oh yes, before I forget nona. Would you see it as bad to only leave a contact number to be contacted at to find out finance information? My sponcer really don’t want to send bank statements or give out how much money she has? through the mail. So if you might know something about that, that would be great, but Thank You Loads for the input, I think I see how I’m going to format it now, I’ll try and rewrite it.

Thanks again mate

I don't know about how they want the financial information, sorry. Can you find any guidance on the UK embassy website?
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well, I had this done the other day but to lazy to get it posted, this is the revised verson, I hope it sounds better, The tabs will more likely get thrown off as a resalt of C&P but what can ya do lol


kevin/ Sex Pistol




June 3, 2006

British Embassy


Chicago, Ill 77777

Dear British Consulate:

I Joan Stevenson (Space for hand written Sig) would like to herby state that I was born on (Date Here) in (Manchester, United Kingdom) and I am a citizen of the United Kingdom. Residing at (Joan’s Address)

I hold a British Passport with passport number (her passport number here) which was issued on (date here)

I wish with this letter to Invite and Guarantee the Financial Support of the Named applicant, my Close Friend Kevin T. whom was born on July 01, 1979 in Coshocton Ohio Who is a citizen of the United States of America Kevin holds a valid American passport number being (my passport number) and resides at (my Address, USA) To come to the United Kingdom as a personal guest of mine and our family. For the purposed period of (weeks) at which at the end of his stay he will be returning to his home in America I have included a copy of his flight itinerary to verify his return ticket

I also understand the cost of living in the United Kingdom, I further state that I am willing and able to receive, maintain and support Kevin the named applicant and will assume complete financial responsibility for Kevin, including Travel and living expenses, and at No Time will I permit Kevin to become a public charge, I will provide a contact number that you may reach me at to inquire my finances, deposits, and any financial information that you require.


Joan Stevenson and Family

Im going to add in one more peragraph, Its going to be the closeing, and add a bit more of a personnal touch using a few lines from some letters I'v seen on here

well thanks again,

Kevin. T