Some people think that schools should select students according to their academic abilities, while others believe that it is better to have students with different abilities studying together.

Discuss both views and state your own opinion.

Some people feel that schools should only admit students with certain academic abilities, whilst others think that it is more beneficial to have students with different strengths in a class. I’m personally in support of the latter because I believe that a heterogeneous group of students would be of great benefit to the development of each student.

To begin with, people who support the idea that schools should only choose students based on their academic abilities might think that students with poor academic abilities would not able to understand class materials. And this leads to various problems. First, they would fall behind their studies and be distracted. Therefore, they likely to get involved in harmful activities. As an example, it is common to see today students who cannot keep up with their studies become addicted to playing games because they feel that this is the only thing that makes them feel valued. Second, students who do not perform well at school often suffer emotionally. The reason is that they are constantly criticized and embarrassed by their friends and teachers.

Others, however, think that it is better to have a class with different types of talented students. This might be because a heterogeneous group of students will create a cooperative environment. For example, when working on a project, a class of various intelligence has to divide to the work to different students with special skills and work collaboratively with each other. This helps to form an environment where students can exchange their knowledge and realize their potentials, which lays the foundation for them when they go to work in the future. In fact, at work, people nowadays encourage employees to work cooperatively as it can produce more positive results than to work separately.

In conclusion, there are people who believe school should only select students with the ability to perform academically well, and people who think educators should choose students with different talents. I personally support the latter. This is because I think that a class of different types of intelligence would allow students to deploy their skills and work collaboratively with each other.

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