Women and men are commonly seen as having different strengths and weaknesses. Is it right to exclude males or females from certain professions because of their gender?

Society has imposed gender traits on some occupations, based on different strengths and weaknesses between men and women. Thus, with reinforced prejudice about gender differences, it is believed to exclude males or females from certain jobs. In my view, it is not fair to prioritise one gender for particular occupations.

Many centuries ago, when gender discrimination spread across society, the role of men was reinforced by the awareness that only men must go out for work. Instead, women were home to look after their families. Gradually, the cleavage in gender strengths and weaknesses appeared. Social and educational fields have linked to feminity. Meanwhile, masculinity has attached to logical and mathematic fields. In hiring employees for some jobs, people have focused much more on gender as the prerequisite than other criteria such as capacity, skills, or experience.

In my opinion, it is unfair for individuals whose abilities suiting professions that are supposed to be for one particular gender. Modern societies should recognise the qualifications, experiences, and knowledge of people in gaining work efficiency. An individual's ability can be judged through his certificate, academic career as well as pragmatic experience. However, strengths and weaknesses imposed on gender might just be given from conservative people's subjective assessments. For example, cooking and tailoring are usually considered to be women's task since they demand carefulness and meticulousness that are seen as men's weaknesses. Nevertheless, a large number of cooks and fashion designers in the world are men.

Weaknesses can be improved through practice, and strengths might dwindle if they are not consolidated. Employers cannot use gender differences as the precedence for evaluating labours for a long period because they are not feasible. An individual's capacity must be the priority. Besides, if women and men are given equal educational opportunities then they need to have a fair employment market. The exclusion related to gender can cause social conflicts and aggravate person-to-person relationships.

In conclusion, to promote equality among persons, it needs to avoid excluding males or females from certain professions because of their gender; instead, employers should be open-minded about evaluating candidates abilities, experiences, and knowledge. Everybody has equal rights to approach job opportunities.

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