Topic: The diagram below shows how orange juice is produced.

The diagram illustrates the manufacturing of orange juice.

In general, there are various stages in the process, commencing with the transport of raw orange to the factory and ending with the finished products sold on the market.

In the beginning, baskets of fresh oranges are delivered by a big truck to the firm. Once undergoing a cleaning period, the high-qualified oranges are transferred to a special machine, extracting into two components including waste solid used as food for animals while squeezed juices can be either packaged into bottles and sent to shops or carried in the refrigerated truck to an evaporator where all the excess water is removed, thereby producing concentrated juice. After that, this resultant liquid is canned and sent to a warehouse until it can be reconstituted into orange juice by diluting it with water at another facility. This orange juice is ready to be packaged and sold at supermarkets, far from where it is first produced.

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