What do you usually do with your friends?

Because my friend and I are like chalk and cheese; we have nothing in common, whether our tastes in movies or hobbies, you name it. As we live next door, we do not meet up outside, so the only thing we do is talk about work and family in my or her house.

Has a friend ever let you down?

Yes, there is. I remember feeling very disappointed back then, but now I just find it funny. It is in my middle school years when it was my turn to be a one-week class president our teachers set a rule that everyone takes a turn to manage the class for one week a friend of mine said that another student had copied her homework without her consent, so I wrote it down in the book used for noting the bad things that a student did. Remember back, that is actually a silly and petty thing to do though, I guess that the power of a class president had gotten to my head. The other kid was a popular one in my class, and I kind of got bullied by her after that, but it was just for around two days, and she just ignored me after that. Meanwhile, that friend of mine did nothing to help me.

Have you made any friends over the Internet?

No, I have not. I find it very unsafe talking to a stranger on the internet, as you usually are not able to know the other person well, perhaps what they say to you is all lies. But my younger brothers and sisters do that often. My sister not only found friends online but also a husband that way.

How do you maintain a friendship?

I tend to try to spend quality time together with my friend. What I mean is find activities or topics that we are both interested in. I also make my friend know that I care about her, either by giving her gifts on her’s birthdays or just by paying full attention to her concerns. And I never brush how I feel under the rug, even if it is a disappointment or anger towards my friend. Because I believe doing that is just going to make friendship suffer, as those negative feelings could be bottled up and eventually exploded in the future.

Do you still need help with the above?

Certainly. I would appreciate it if you could.

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