Some people think that parents have the greatest influence on their child’s academic development, while others think that a child’s teacher has more influence.
Discuss both views and give your opinion.

My answer:

People have differing views on whether children’s educational growth is most influenced by their parents or teachers. In my opinion, both exert equal impact.

Parents have a significant influence on their children's scholastic development. In the formative years, they act as the child's initial educators, teaching basic language and numerical skills, while providing educational toys and games. This prepares the child’s entry into formal education. They also strive to enroll their child in high-quality schools and provide opportunities for tutoring and learning-oriented activities like museum and zoo visits. This is to ensure the quality and richness of the educational experience. Furthermore, they can foster their children’s dedication to academics by emphasizing its importance. This can include asking about their child's school day at dinner, assisting with homework, celebrating achievements, and addressing any neglect or setbacks.

However, teachers are equally influential. Students’ comprehension and mastery of the subject matter are directly affected by their teachers’ teaching abilities. Teachers need to present lessons in a clear and understandable manner, provide explanations and examples, and answer questions from their students effectively. They also have to provide constructive feedback and guidance, enabling students to identify areas for improvement and adapt their learning strategy accordingly. Furthermore, they often set classroom rules, address disruptive behavior, and acknowledge exemplary answers and achievements, while incorporating interactive activities and open discussions. This can create a structured, orderly, and engaging learning environment, allowing students to stay focused and motivating them to actively participate in the lessons.

In conclusion, parents lay the foundation for formal schooling and provide financial and emotional support, while teachers’ expertise contributes to the understanding and proficiency of the material. Hence, both equally shape a child’s academic journey.

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