Topic: Some people like to travel with a companion. Other people prefer to travel alone. Which do you prefer?

Millions of people travel to various tourist destinations in the world every year. Interestingly, some people prefer to travel alone while others like to travel with a companion. From my perspective, traveling in a group is much greater than going alone.

First of all, traveling with some people is much more exciting than traveling alone. It is very fun to have time being together in new destinations. We can do numerous things in common such as preparing foods or taking some photos. The last time I went to Do Son beach in Vietnam with my close buddies, we had an unforgettable moment at night. We fried seafood, sang together and danced around the fire. We also had a chance to tell each other our own stories and discuss about culture and cuisine of local people. That would be quite boring to enjoy your trip alone.

Secondly, travel expense would be cheaper if we travel in a group of people. It is obvious that we can share money paying for numerous things such as accommodations, foods, and tickets. In Vietnam, for example, the money that each individual paying for renting a room for four people in a hotel is cheaper than renting a room for one person. In addition, there are quite a few appealing discount offers in restaurants and entertaining places reserved for a group of people.

Lastly, going with a companion is safer than traveling alone. Sometimes, people might face with unpredicted troubles happening along the journey such as getting sickness, money stealing, and paper loss. That is the time we really need help from others to overcome these difficulties. Three years ago, when I traveled to Singapore with my siblings, I got a cold and exhausted for three days. Fortunately, my parents took care of me and help me recover soon.

In conclusion, for all the reasons mentioned above, I believe that traveling with friends is more interesting, cheaper and safer than going alone.

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