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since the question is "the governments should take a large portion of people’s salaries to pay for necessary public services such as roads and schools"

I thought that I should write about high income tax rates and what benefits can be obtained from pouring the money raised into necessary public services, so in the conclusion paragraph I should answer that question. Is it not the case? Thank you a lot in advance.

In conclusion, although high income taxes rate can provide extra money for improve individuals’ well-being and academic achievement, public services and infrastructure investment, as well as the transportation system needed for economic activities, it also discourages work and private investment while leading to human capital flight.

minhhang1Can you give me another example that you certainly know it is true, please? Many IELTS teachers recommend making up fake examples as IELTS is a language test. I do not know if this is true.

No. That is not a good idea. You can give a generalized authentic form of the same example. For instance, we can restate the above example as:

For instance, Western European countries like France, Austria, and the Scandinavian countries have seen the flight of capital and high-net-worth individuals because of recent tax hikes, whereas low-taxing nations such as Hungary, Ireland, or Bulgaria have experienced the opposite trend.

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Thanks a lot! It is really hard to find an example for this topic.