Topic: As well as making money, business also have social reponsibilities. Do you agree or disagree?

My essay:

There is a widespread belief that, besides making money, enterprises also need to have public responsibilities. I find myself in complete agreement with this opinion.

On the on hand, the efforts of companies to maximize their profits may have some benefits for society as a whole. Firstly, the more the profits earned by enterprises, the more taxes they pay for government. As a result, authorities may have more revenue to spend in public constructions like hospital, school. That lead to an improvement in quality of life of the whole community. Secondly, earning huge profits make extending their companies, which is important for solving unemployed problems by creating new job opportunities. Which is main causes of poverty and society’s vices.

On the other hand, There are strong reasons why businesses should also accept that they have social responsibilities. The first reason is that their activities have an effect on the environment which is a urgent problem. Without controls, production processes may result in serious environmental degradation, such as global warming stemming factory emissions or the irresponsible disposal of industrial waste. For instance, If factories installed waste treatment systems instead of discharging chemical wastes in to rives, water pollution could be controlled. An other reason is that enterprises should help those who are less fortunate. For example, big corporations such as Vinamilk and SamSung have enhanced their public image through philanthropic actions such as scholarships and giving charitable donations

In conclusion, although I recognize that making profits is the fundamental principle of business, I would argue that all business should profoundly reflect upon the on social responsibilities.

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