Task 2: Some people think the qualities a person needs to become successful in today’s world cannot be learned at a university or similar academic institution. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

My essay:

Everybody always wonders the key to success, and definitions vary from person to person. There is an opinion that the qualities contributing to one’s success in this day and age cannot be learned at school. Personally, I only agree partly with this viewpoint.

There is no denying that some qualities to be successful cannot gain at a university or academic institution. You can only learn it from practical experience. When you step into the world of work, it is very different from what you have been taught at school. And all you need to do is find measures to deal with it, to overcome the problems, and learn from the failure. That is very significant for those who want to succeed later. Moreover, some skills you learn during your work also very important. These include skills to persuade other people, work in teams, work under pressure and many other interpersonal skills. Only when you can collect all these skills may you be a successful person.

However, to become a prosperous person, people need more than skills, that is knowledge. And this subject-specific knowledge can only be taught at university or similar academic courses. Compare with a businessman who has not been through any training course about business, the trained one, obviously, has more chance to do his job with flying color. That is the reason why many individuals, who have already had respectable careers, still go to some training course to improve their capabilities.

In conclusion, while I agree that it is very necessary for people who want to succeed to gain experience and skills from practical life, I also believe that learning professional knowledge from schools is extremely essential.

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