Task 2: Some people say History is one of the most important school subjects. Other people think that, in today's world, subjects like Science and Technology are more important than History. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

It is often argued that History is widely considered to be an imperative subject at school, while other opinions that subjects of Science and Technology outweigh history nowadays. In my perspective, both ideas are excellent in equal measure.

On the other hand, history plays a vital role in most education systems worldwide. Indeed, history assists students to enhance the reservoir of knowledge and facts in terms of the course of history in many fields. Otherwise, students can have insight into historical and similar events to learn, both successes and failures. Thus, history is one of the best ways to teach children to think critically when they might consider the how and why of events, and this means they may avoid ideally make the same mistakes in the future.

On the other hand, Science and Technology have been considered to be subjects of unique merits interlinking themselves with history. It is a fact that math, science, and the growth of technology are the basis of much of the fabric of modern society, and those who are behind the race of high-tech would be likely unable to offer a high quality of life for their people. For instance, scientific accomplishments of treatment for unpleasant diseases such as cancer, dementia, or diabetes are the tangible result of the study and distillation of facts from history. As a result, history plays an important role in preserving them in the long run.

To sum up, I believe that students should pay more attention to both history and other school subjects such as Technology and Science.

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