Gratefully thanks for your reading. Would you mind giving me some other alternative words for "children" and healthy eating habit"? I was struggle with paraphrasing these words in some cases. I truly appreciate all of your review about my essay. Thanks again.


Some people believe that it is the best way to encourge children to have a healthy diet at school while others believe that parents should be the ones to teach children to have a healthy diet. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

My essay:

Nowadays, the question of whether an academic institution or house is the more ideal environment for students to cultivate their healthy eating habits. From my viewpoint, I opine that this responsibility should be equally shared with both teachers and parents, which means each approach has an equivalent impact effecting on children’s lifestyle.

Regarding the educational approach, it is undeniable that schools can afford pupils a considerable opportunity to get their healthily dietary intake. Obviously, a pedagogical place is where strict disciplines are imposed, which students have to obey a systematic curriculum and schedule. This, consequently, accelerates youngsters comply with the rules and thus have no reason to reject healthy dishes provided by schools. Another justification is that pupils are those who give their fellows great encouragement to follow a mutual activity, especially eating healthily. For example, a child at home would refuse to eat vegetables and fish at any price because they are not their favorite food whereas, at school, they seemly accept enjoying these unpleasant meals. Indeed, to associate with the community spirit, they incline to avoid being different among numerous students, that is why they could form a habit of eating healthy nourishment at school.

On the other hand, the family also contributes a profound influence on their children’s diet. In fact, pupils tend to mirror their parents on all sides, from behaviors, gesture speech to regular habits, which means their healthy eating habit vividly bases on that of parents. If family members are health-conscious people who maintain a positive lifestyle like keeping off fatty food, alcohol, or empty-calorie, children will be definitely in with a chance of having a similar diet. By contrast, those who engage in detrimental items that are injurious for health, pupils also imitate their images and establish a harmful eating habit.

In conclusion, I reaffirm that whilst educational instructors could be reasonable to a certain extent, the pivotal role of the family in developing a positive eating habit for children should not be neglected. Apparently, it is essential for them to obtain an integrated approach to get a healthier lifestyle.


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