My essay:

Spoken communication is morepowerful than written communication. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is argue that oral speech is a more effective means ofcommunication campared with written texts. In my point of view, both of themhave similar influences on our lives. This essay will discuss, firstly the convenience about expressing emotion of spoken communication and secondly, how important written texts is in law.

To begin with, when it comes to the situations that requiregestures and emotions, spoken communication is better than written ones. Whenwe talk in person, we can have a wide range of emotions such as excitement,shyness, sadness and so on, these facial expressions when combine with eyecontact, body language and different tone of the speaker will make our speechbecome convincing and emotional, easily to get sympathy from others. A primeexample is dating, it is important to set up a face – to – face conversationswith the person we fall in love, to give each other loving eyes and warmgesture which never be replaced by insensitive emotions icons and messages.

On the other hand, written communication also play ansignificant role in our lives. In terms of law, written texts become importantto create transparency for our works. Unlike speaking, written datas containmany valid evidence such as signature, legal symbol to act as a strong witnessfor what we say and smoothly get the belief of all listeners. In court, forinstance, there will be nobody will have confidence in us and our speechs willcount for nothing if we do not have written documents to support our arguments.


In conclusion, for the reasons mentioned above, it is hardto say whether written communication is more powerful than spoken communicationbecause it bases on each circumstance. Both oral sp eech and written one playequally identical role in the life and can not substitute for each other.

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