Some people think international car-free days are an effective way of reducing air pollution; others think there are some other ways. Discuss both views and give your own opinion

As soaring private vehicle ownership and emissions the world over exacerbate the already deteriorating air quality, many suggest that countries should ban cars from circulating on certain days of the year. In this essay, I will demonstrate that such a policy is futile and that there exist more viable solutions to alleviate air pollution.

The chief argument in favor of car-free days is that they could contribute to a significant reduction in car emissions, which is one of the chief causes of pollution. In addition, by forcing citizens to resort to alternatives like mass transit on these days, governments may expect to foster an appreciation for and promote the use of eco-friendly modes of transport, which may reinforce the decrease in the amount of exhaust gas released. However, I believe car-free days are unlikely to produce the desired effects in many countries where driving cars is not the norm. For example, in much of Vietnam, scooters remain the vehicle of choice, and thus a ban on automobiles for a few days would have but a negligible effect on the overall level of carbon dioxide emission.

In my view, there are more viable solutions to the issue of air pollution. To curtail motor vehicle emissions, states could levy a higher tax on automobile imports to discourage people from buying cars. Such a tax has witnessed tremendous success in Singapore, where exorbitant imported car prices have incentivized commuters to use the sky train system, resulting in a cleaner atmosphere in the city. Because industrial activities are also to blame for pollution, another measure could be to introduce more stringent regulations regarding the discharge of toxic fumes of manufacturing firms. For example, a cap on steel plants' carbon emissions would deter steel companies from making profits at the expense of the environment.

In conclusion, it is my belief that car-free days would offer little benefit, and taxing car importers as well as curbing industrial gas discharge would more effectively address the underlying causes of pollution.

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