The given diagram depicts the process in which hydroelectric energy is manufactured.
It can be seen that the process involves various stages, beginning with water in a reservoir and ending with the transmission of power through power cables to other locations.
Firstly, water collected in the reservoir at the bottom of the dam is forced through sluice gates. Then it flows into a narrow tunnel and generates pressure which is used to rotate a turbine. A turbine is an engine or machine that uses the pressure of the liquid on a wheel to move.
The movement of this turbine is connected to a generator in a place referred to as the powerhouse. This is where the movement of the turbine is converted into electricity. This is followed by that the water that has gone through the turbine flows out into the river below the dam. Finally, the generator in the powerhouse is connected to power lines which are used to transport the electricity over long distances.

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anonymousThe given diagram depicts the process in which hydroelectric energy is manufactured.

This is strange because English speakers usually say generated in that context.