Topic: The plans below show the layout of a university’s sports centre now, and how it will look after redevelopment. Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparison where relevant.

My essay:

The map displays the current layout of a university’s sport center, and what will it become after the reconstruction in the future.

It is clear from the map that at present, the university sports center consists of two outdoor courts and one main building. In the main block, after bypassing the entrance, we will see the reception. At the center of the building, there is a 25m swimming pool. Another feature is that changing room is located to the west and seating is situated to the east of the building. The gym is behind the swimming pool.

It is noticeable that in the future, all three distinct blocks will merge into one big area. Everything will seem to stay the same except for the area for the gym now double previous version. In addition, there will be two new changing room at the lower corner of the block and a sports shop, a café next to them. There will be a brand new leisure pool, which next to the old changing room, and a sports hall, which is next to old seating. Moreover, to the east of the building, there will be two dance studio next to each other.

Overall, the distinct compositions of the sport center will be united as a whole. The sport center will have some new utilities and facilities added to the building.