Topic: In some places, teenagers are encouraged to get part-time jobs while they are still in school.

Do the advantages of teenagers working outweigh the disadvantages?

It is a common belief that having a part-time job should be encouraged to students while they are still in educational environment. However, there is a more persuasive argument that teenagers should be let to concentrate solely on their studying in order not to be distracted by external problems at work.

On the one hand, working part time is beneficial as it teaches students about the virtues required to succeed. In other words, they have more opportunities to improve particular skills of different fields of work at a very young age. Therefore, they can gain more professional experience to reach the success more closely. Take the example of Vietnamese students, most of them used to or now, have a part time job. They assumed that they wanted to commit their free time in working at the coffee shops or fashion stores so as to learn special lessons of actual life, while also having some small salaries for paying educational fees.

On the other hand, part-time job can be the major factor that affects negatively on educational quality. In fact, teenagers are likely to be distracted while working and studying. As a result, they spend less time on their learning and do not concentrate well on their academic results. Even in some cases, they work too hard that leads to tiredness, resulting in the ignorance of school lessons. For example, in my school, there are some students dropping out of school because of being passionate in making money. Doing part-time jobs provides an amount of money that can be used to buy clothes, jewelries or gaming devices. These expensive items are so attractive that they decide to spend more time on earning money, instead of paying attention to their school studying.

To sum up, while it is advantageous to let teenagers work part time to achieve professional experience for their future lives, it is apparent that its disadvantage is far more serious that can harm considerably on the quality of education of the country.

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