The picture demonstrates a future transformation of an industrial area into a place for living.

Overall, there still will include the four main building parts but they are going to be enlarged into houses and parking spaces for residents.

At the moment, the area are squared by land and roads with a yard in the middle. Situated to the south are a group of small offices along with a canteen in the bottom left. A huge block for entrance and reception faces them in the opposite side. Besides, the biggest construction for manufacturing stays in the east of the yard and close to the entry. Finally, the west contains two same-sized areas for parking and storing, which are separated a little bit.

In the upcoming plan, all areas will be reformed. In the heart of it will be a private house. In stead of the entrance and reception building , there will be a house with 2 bedrooms. The other living sites with 3 and 4 ones will be laid out next to each other on the west. The factory will be removed, giving room for a brand new apartment with a parking space beside. Moreover, the two additional in the garden and garages will sit in-front of another to the north and south respectively.

Can I write 1,2,3 instead of one, two, three?

And can you recommend me some sources of writing task 1 essay to learn?

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