Studying with a group of students in a classroom is more beneficial than learning online at home.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

My essay:

It is said that learning with a group of peers in the academic setting provides benefits than attending online lessons at home. From my perspective, I believe studying in a classroom with peers has huge advantages outweighing any other modes of learning.

The main reason why studying in a classroom is beneficial for children which helps in developing their cognitive skills. When learning together, students absorb incoming information and deliver in their tasks. To complete a given assignment, students can work in teams which helps them to communicate with each other, share knowledge among each other and enhance their leadership skill. An effective communication skills plays an important role to improve student's future career and daily life which can be improved in working together in a group.

However, there are disadvantages of learning online at home. Technology creates distraction, for example, while studying on a Zoom call, students do not completely concentrate on their tasks due to engaging in other activities such as listening to music, playing video games. When children study from home, they become less active physically and increase in the chance of developing health issues such as obesity, cardiac related issues. Also, causes negative effects on the behavioural skills of the child as they become lethargic, moody and do not communicate properly with another person.

To conclude, group studying at school can be effective in the growth of the children as it allows them to develop their skill set such as team work, leadership in a positive way. While studying online can be detrimental for their health and hinder their growth.

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