Topic: Many people believe that international tourism is a bad thing for their country. What are the reasons? Solutions to change negative attitudes.

My essay:

There are various perspectives on the question of whether or not global tourism has some adverse impacts on a nation. Although this issue could be attributed to many reasons, foreign and local individuals could take approaches to tackle this problem.

It is evident that there are numerous elements triggering this problem. First, international travellers do not abide by the domestic laws. In other words, they deliberated violate the regulations and rules, causing the political turmoil and societal order in the host country. Second, local residents could not preserve their national cultural values and tourists would not distinguish this country from another if the number of cultures being welcomed increased rapidly. As a consequence, holiday makers, in all likelihood, might not pay this nation other vacations in following times.

There are several remedies to handle this issue. Regarding the foreign tourists, they should respect and comply with the regulations and laws which imposed on citizens in the host country; unless, they could not receive a gracious welcome from locals. Japan is a case in point, if the person jumped the line in front of the food stall, he would be ejected without locals’ esteem. In terms of local state and dwellers, they had better accept new cultures and costumes from other nations along with convention ones. This is simply because it helps this country to be more diverse; hence, people of all ages and all walks of life could catch up with the latest trend around the global thanks to acquiring new styles. Besides, it would be a perfect chance for domestic tourism to attract hordes of holiday makers due to getting acquainted with them.

Although there are some elements causing negative effects, both tourist and locals could adopt many solutions to handle this issue.

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